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About Our Commerce Whiz!

We are eager to give you best Education and Learning.

Commerce Whiz, a distinct institution for commerce and management, was founded by Dr. Mohammad Faizi in the year 2017. Since the year 2017 institute has unrivaled success record. Its success record has made Commerce Whiz the best institute of India in UGC NET/ JRF preparation from Commerce and Management subject. The institute is committed to making potential aspirants to realize their dream of becoming a faculty in any higher level educational institute, university or management institute.

Many aspirants who want to build strong career in teaching profession often fails to get proper guidance and due to lack of such guidance their efforts go in vain. On other hand there are many aspirants whose academic performance may have been outstanding but they fail to perform in competitive exams like UGC NETetc. Competitive exams based on Commerce and Management subjectpreparation requires quite different strategy and systematic study to excel in these exams. Commerce Whiz is the only institute whose highly experienced faculty from Commerce and Management area helps the students in achieving the desired goal.

Meet Our Teachers!

Competitive exams based on Commerce and Management subject like UGC NET (Commerce & Management), IAS (Commerce & Management optional), PCS (Commerce & Management optional), TGT (Commerce) & PGT (Commerce) require conceptual knowledge of specified subjects. These subjects though taught in schools and colleges are not necessarily oriented towards the competitive exam approach. Coaching classes at Commerce Whiz are different from classes conducted in schools and colleges with respect to their orientation. Classes are targeted towards the particular exam. Classroom guidance at Commerce Whiz is about improving the individual’s capacity to focus, learn and innovate as we are comfortably aware of the fact that you can’t teach a person anything, you can only help him find it within himself.


“We aim to move the mind power of commerce and management student to different direction where factual knowledge may get the shape of conceptual knowledge which ultimately helps to understand the relationship among several topics, this integrated approach will help student to excel in the examination.”

Why Study With Us?
Since 2017 Commerce whiz specialized institute in india for UGC NET/JRF commerce, management & HRM.

Special Techniques
- We apply some unique exam cracking approaches like QPA, FCRI,etc.

Qualified Staff
–We have got some best teacher from education industry to give you the best COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT knowledge.

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Rush before all seats are reserved for current batch.(Max 60 Students)

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